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Rebecca Cohen
United States
Hi, I'm Rebecca and I make comics.

"The Adventures of Gyno-Star" is a webcomic featuring a feminist superhero. It makes fun of politics, society, prejudice, hypocrisy and most importantly superhero comics. The strips I post here are from the archive, but new material is added weekly on my website:

Most of my other comics can be seen on my tumblr:

I hope you enjoy my slightly snarky, sometimes dark and often subversive sense of humor. If you enjoy my work, you can support it by becoming a subscriber (and get rewards):

You can also follow me on Twitter: www/
And Facebook:


I think one of Gyno-Star's superpowers might be the ability to place her foot entirely within her mouth:…
A fan favorite returns! Gyno-Star interviews yet another applicant to the Social Justice League, and it turns out to be someone she's met before...…
SexPo, the Sex Positive Feminist (Don't worry, it's more or less SFW):…
New comic... The Slacktivist describes her greatest internet victory:…
Gyno-Star interviews the Social Justice League's first job applicant:…
I think one of Gyno-Star's superpowers might be the ability to place her foot entirely within her mouth:…

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Toongrrl Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2016
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Rebecca, you're my hero!
Gyno-Star Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2015
NuttyNuti Featured By Owner Edited Sep 22, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi there! A question that might be interesting to mull over:

I'm an inhabitant in Internet, and additionally, most of my friends are male (partially due to going a mostly-men university). When reflecting my life with my male peers over all the years, a thing I have noticed that most of the Internet trolls' behavior resembles that of teenage guys.

This makes me make a hypothesis that says that a significant enough part of internet trolls are, in fact, teenage males. They are going on the stage of the life in which hormones are going and there are young guys are peer-pressured to imitate anything SO REBELLIOUS and SO FORBIDDEN (includes disrespectful and often poorly typed comments towards women). And Internet is a perfect place to cultivate and, perhaps more remarkably, learn these attitudes, thanks to anonymity and lack of filtering.

I'm NOT trying to say that "oh it's natural and thus acceptable", rather vice versa. I'm rather saying that teenage guys (and why not girls) and their, how to say, social culture is a perfect ground for brewing hostile attitudes towards women; teenagers' life is surrounded by several peer-induced social values and myths that make little sense in larger scope, such as perceptions about what owning certain brands of jeans makes someone popular or that cat-calling girls makes you masculine. Sure, there are also teenagers who are go through that phase without negative effects (thanks to their up-bringing / core personality / circumstances / luck / etc.), and many teenagers come to their senses later, but there are also situations in which these attitudes carry on to adult life.

What I try to say is that focusing the change effectively towards teenagers (especially boys) could have pretty impressive results, if we find a way to do it well. At best, it could break those Internet and school yard myths about acceptance of anti-women(/anti-etc.) mentality, which would be a great input for the future. Teenagers drain influences all around them, whether we wanted or not, and getting the healthy "dude not cool" mentality in would help a lot.

What does make it more difficult is some teenagers' partially hormone-caused and partially socially-caused pressure not to conform authorities, making the gender respect education more difficult. (The "breaking rules makes me cool" mentality prevalent in unfortunately many teenagers, you know.) The way to teach it should be thought carefully and be based on insights made by the teenagers by themselves ("Would you like your butt being slapped? No? Then would that girl like it, either?"), and trying to avoid making it sound like that teenagers would just cover their ears and go "LALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU". There are unfortunate attitudes towards anyone who wants to open up about feminism/trans-gender/gay rights/racial equality/etc. issues, so therefore, finding the right way to feed the stuff is important to avoid triggering the "LALALALA DON'T WANT TO HEAR" mindset - in which I see that personal insights are a way better way to go than repeating the "dissing people is wrong" mantra.

Thoughts on that ramble?
Gyno-Star Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2015
I think you're exactly correct.
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